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    The ends of all buttweld fittings are bevelled.The shape of the bevel depending upon the actual wall thickness.This bevelled ends are needed to be able to make a "Butt weld". read more

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As the connection joints of piping system, steel pipe fittings are very important to the piping system in a project ,so the quality must be excellent. For the butt welding pipe fittings, their quality is more important, because they are welded in the piping system, it is difficult to install and dismantle.  At Haihao group, we regard the quality of the pipe fitting first position in our working .

To identify the quality of butt welding pipe fittings, engineer from haihao group suggested you should focus on the following points:

1. The pipe fitting dimensions, specifications, especially the diameters. the butt welding ends of the fitting should match the ends of steel pipes.It means their diameters must be same , or else they can not connect hermetically and cause some leaks. In the steel pipes and fittings standard , there are the dimension tolerances requiremet ,  it must be accorded with in the pipe fittings quality inspetion, QC of haihao always do the dimensions inspection both in the manufacturing and after the products finished.



2. About the quality of pipe fittings, besides the dimensions inspection , the surface inspection is also very important . The surface quality commonly is checked in visual , make sure you can check all the surface of the fitting. From the surface , you can find a lot of information , for example,  the production period, it is old stock or new produced. You also can find the quality of the raw materials, it is new smooth raw material or not? This works need the QC has enough experience like the haihao engineers and quality checkers.

3. The MTC information also is an important part in the quality check .   From the MTC,  you can find the informations and quality datas of the pipe fittings, and assess the conformance. Then you can decide whether this pipe fitting is suitable to your work and project. Hai hao quality department issue and supply the MTC with the pipe fittings shipments for our clients.  It always be helpful to the pipe fittings user in their works.

These are three points we should note in the pipe fittings quality inspection . There are more works to identify the quality of a pipe fittings, we should arrange this work as per the actual project request .




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